“Dr. Weiss is an outstanding physician. He is an excellent diagnostician who has a thorough understanding and knowledge of most medical conditions. He is willing to refer to a specialist when he believes appropriate, but he isn’t an alarmist who orders a multitude of unnecessary tests, which is all too common in medicine today. His staff people are highly professional and provide caring, personalized service. I don’t even mind their tender approach to blood tests and injections. We feel fortunate to have them all and happily refer Dr. Weiss to our local friends.”

Paul D.


​”A good friend brought us to the PPMA medical team. It became a gift. Dr. Van Meter and his support team are superior care givers. They are professional, skilled, attentive and thoughtful!”

Becky A.

“Some would say having a concierge doctor is a luxury but, in my case, it was a necessity. There has been a level of emotional support that comes with the service. When you can reach out to your doctor by phone/text or email from anywhere in the world and get an immediate to timely response (depending on the time zone lol). When you know that you will be seen when you need to be seen or if you have something a little more urgent, rest be assured PPMA staff will do their best to accommodate you. Just having that alone is a huge emotional relief for me.”


“I had not imagined what this kind of personal physician could mean for me. Instead of getting sick, injured, or having some issue to become my physician’s priority, I could have supported very differently. My physician could be quarterback of a full medical team who have not just time, but a priority, to coach me on being healthy, being fit, having the best experience every day, by design. I’d heard rumors about this kind of program. Having one who also has a practice model that affords physician time and a team focused on my mission – be healthy to do all that I choose – this is REALLY BIG. You can have it, too!”


“PPMA is simply the best concierge medical practice. I can get same day appointments, and easily talk to my doctor whenever I have questions or concerns. I chose to join a concierge practice for these very reasons.”


“The Doctors and staff at Private Physicians Medical Associates are the best in Southern California. Everyone knows preventive medicine is the key to good health and these guys are the best at it, mainly because they really care about you. I highly recommend PPMA for anyone looking for the best in private healthcare.”


“We have been going to PPMA since they started their practice and could not be more pleased.”


“My wife and I were one of the early patient when the practice opened. The immediate access we had Dr. VanMeter saved our daughter-in-law’s life, and we appreciate the three grandchildren who followed. That all I need to say.”


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