PPMA has partnered with Fullscript™ to give our patients -and you- access to high-quality supplements. Fullscript™ is an online dispensing platform that ships pharmaceutical-grade vitamins and recommended products to your front door.

PPMA patients will benefit from personalized recommendations from our physicians, nutritionist, and Nutrition Program. Non-patients will have access to a selection of physician and nutritionist-approved supplements aimed at specific support areas. Interested in becoming a PPMA patient? Click here for information.

One notable difference between pharmaceutical and consumer-grade supplements is that pharmaceutical-grade supplements are held to the same meticulous standards as are FDA-regulated drugs. They are required to contain higher-quality ingredients which are better able to be absorbed by your body.

Currently, fewer than 3% of consumer-grade supplements on the market meet pharmaceutical-grade standards and, since they’re not required to meet those standards, they often don’t aim as high. It has been found that consumer-grade supplements -or “OTC” supplements – do not always contain what their labels claim. Gluten-free supplements might contain gluten, for example.

Enjoy high-quality supplements shipped right to your door – join Fullscript™ through PPMA and reap the healthy benefits! Create your free account here or call (949) 566-8179 to sign up today.