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Nutrition Program

Our nutrition program arms you with the knowledge you need to set yourself on the path to optimum health. Stephanie Lapinski, a Certified Nutritionist and Lifestyle Educator, who works with Drs. Van Meter and Weiss, developed this program using the latest medical evidence. She is available to work with you and track your progress as you become healthier by losing weight & fat, improve your digestion, lower your cholesterol & blood pressure, as well as enjoying improvements in many other health parameters.

How it works

During your initial Lifestyle Medical Treatment consultation, we evaluate your body’s current nutritional state. We begin with teaching you about the best foods for your body and how to replace processed foods with healthy fats, proteins and vegetables. We recommend a three phase process to take bodies that are addicted to gluten, wheat and sugars and rewire your brain and taste buds to crave foods that will keep you both happy and healthy. Depending on your current state of health, all three phases may not be required, but it is valuable to arm yourself with the tools necessary to assess your own nutritional habits and become proactive about putting the best material possible into your body.

Jump Start Program

Are you confused and frustrated about what is considered healthy food? Do you know how much food you should eat throughout the day and from which food groups? There is a lot of nutrition information circulating around that creates confusion about what is the best route to take for optimal health and fat loss.

Stephanie Lapinski, Certified Nutritionist and Lifestyle Educator at Private Physicians Medical Association, will help you create a food plan that will empower you to make healthy lifestyle changes. Whether it be fine-tuning or making some big changes, she will work with you to achieve your desired goals based on your current health. She will perform a Bio Impedance Analysis (Body Composition Testing) to ascertain your Basal Metabolic Rate, how many calories you burn during a 24-hour period. Your Basal Metabolic Rate will determine how many servings a day you need to eat from each food group. This number will include your exercise activity and fat loss adjustment (if needed). This new Basal Metabolic Rate will be used to create a food plan specifically for you.

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When you examine the history of human food, our body has not yet adapted to eating grains, but our bodies crave the sugars found in these foods. We begin the process of rebooting your system by removing gluten, wheat and sugar, as well as any refined carbohydrates, beans, legumes and poor sources of glucose. We provide individual attention to each patient to teach about where to find healthy fats in your diet, as well as resource materials on which foods are allowed, shopping resources and recipes during this initial two week period.


After you have rebooted your system with this two week elimination diet, you can begin to introduce some of the sugars and carbs back into your system. With each phase, PPMA performs a bioimpedance analysis (BIA), a body composition test, to compare the results to the previous office visit. As you are adding selected foods back into your diet over the next month, you should experience an increase in energy, better sleep at night and a feeling of calmness as you approach everyday tasks.


No matter your current health, it is important to maintain good nutrition habits and remain proactive about only putting the best foods into your body. You have spent the past several weeks reprogramming your cells to crave healthy fats in absence of excessive calories, and it is important to sustain your dedication to helping your bodywork as a fat burner, instead of a sugar burner. The PPMA team provides you with all of the tools you need for success to ensure you are happy, healthy and satisfied when you walk away from your plate.

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Nutrition Specialist and Lifestyle Educator

Meet Stephanie Lapinski:
PPMA is proud to offer the services of our Certified Nutritional Consultant, Stephanie Lapinski, to our patients. After spending many years working with patients on how to incorporate healthy lifestyle changes into their daily diets, Stephanie formulated a specific and specialized food plan to help reboot your system, rebuild your body and maintain your health. Stephanie brings her professional degree, personal expertise, and compassion to every session and works to empower patients to become proactive about their health.