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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Benefits of Concierge Medicine?

While most doctors have several thousand patients, we limit the size of our practice to offer you unprecedented medical attention. Our focus on disease prevention, early detection and pro-active wellness services are personalized for your medical needs and privacy.

How is PPMA Different Than a Traditional Medical Practice?

We emphasize the prevention of disease and our attention to details coupled with a higher level of medical care offers you a sense of comfort along with your good health. We combine the unhurried compassionate delivery of health care with the best modern technology and medical science.

What Does the Access Fee Provide?

As a member of Private Physicians Medical Associates (PPMA), you pay a small monthly fee in addition to carrying traditional health insurance. This investment allows you to receive the quality of service everyone wants, but few receive in today’s healthcare environment. Your service extends beyond normal business hours and you have full-access to your physician at any time.

Do You Take Children or Other Dependents?

PPMA’s concierge service accepts patients in their mid-teenage years to older adults.

Is the Annual Fee Tax Deductible?

You will have to speak with your personal account about whether concierge medical services counts as a deduction at the end of the year. You can also speak to your employer about if you have an individual health care or flexible spending account.

How Does Insurance Work With This Program?

All of our patients carry traditional health insurance, in addition to their access fee. Preferred provider organizations (PPO), indemnity or Medicare plans are the easiest types of plans to coordinate your medical care because none of these require referral or approval to make appointments with specialists. Your appointments, procedures, labs and prescriptions will be billed to your insurance plan and you will continue to be responsible for any co-pays, deductibles or non-reimbursable fees incurred during your course of care.

What Should You Do if You Have an Emergency on the Weekend or After Normal Business Hours?

You should call the office and your call will be forwarded directly to Dr. Van Meter or Dr. Weiss. All current patients may call them on their personal cell phones. PPMA prides itself on our availability to our patients 24/7/365.

What Do You Do if You Need to Be Hospitalized?

Your PPMA team will be involved with your care, providing access to the best specialists to ensure a quick recovery. Treatment within the Hoag Hospital network is preferred.

How Do We Work With Your Specialists?

We work closely with any specialists you may see to coordinate your care, whether you are referred by us or a previous physician. Our doctors make sure we have all possible information regarding your medical care to ensure your treatment includes the most accurate information available.

How Do We Provide Your Annual Physical Exam?

In addition to in-depth, individualized medical evaluations and extended office visits as often as needed, PPMA provides regular preventative care and lifestyle improvement plans for patients, including test results and patient-specific education, with follow-through to ensure your understanding and the fulfillment of your treatment regime.

What Happens if You Move After You Join?

We have many out-of-state patients who continue to receive medical care from our team.

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