About Private Physicians Medical Associates

At PPMA, you’ll get the medical and healthcare attention you deserve. That’s because we see fewer patients than traditional primary care doctors. This allows you to spend more time with your physician, discussing your healthcare concerns, becoming more familiar with each other and developing a wellness plan that is personalized to you.

That’s the benefit of our concierge medical practice. It’s designed for patients like you who wish to have an expanded relationship with your primary care doctor.

Concierge Care

Customized, preventative, proactive: Your medical care does not end after stepping out of our tranquil and soothing office environment. Our team provides preventative care and lifestyle medical services for patients, as well as test results and education material specific to your health needs.

You can depend on PPMA to contact you for follow-up appointments.

Testimonials From Our Patients.

We at PPMA are honored to receive testimonials from our patients.


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