Seasonal Flu Shots

The flu virus can strike anyone and can lead to serious, life threatening complications. While the flu virus is around all year, it generally spreads more easily from Fall through Spring, generally peaking between December and February.  Getting a flu shot can lower your chances of contracting the flu.

Avoid cold-weather illness by preparing for cold and flu season. September or October is the ideal time to get your flu shot. Antibody levels start to rise about two weeks after vaccination, so an early fall vaccination date allows you to reach peak antibody levels by the time cases start to occur in significant numbers later in the year.

It takes about 2 weeks to develop enough antibodies from the flu vaccine to protect you against the flu. Protection fades over time, so getting vaccinated before September may leave you more vulnerable toward the end of flu season.

Since the flu vaccination is effective for 6 months, by getting your shot now, you can be protected all through the flu season. Children younger than 2 years of age, adults 50 years and older, pregnant women and people with a history of long-term medical care should consider getting the flu vaccine. High Dose vaccines are recommended for patients 65 and older.

We provide this important vaccine to all of our enrolled patients and accept insurance payment only. Please contact our office today at 949-566-8179 or email to schedule your shot.

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