Let Us Help You With Personalized Advance Care Planning

You may think you are too young to consider it. You may have thought about putting one together but didn’t have the time or budget for a lawyer. You may even think you already have one in place.

Our office can help make it easy for you. In only 20 minutes we can help you set up this important document to ensure your family knows your wishes if and when you are unable to decide for yourself. Honor My Decisions is simple and concise and your wishes are discussed in a medical setting with compassion and patience.

Medicare covers this service 100% but your PPO plan may as well. Some plans have a small copay (approximately $45). We are here to help!

Please call our office to get set up and have these items shipped to you. Call 949-566-8179 or email info@privatemds.com

To get exact and complete coverage, please call your insurance company and ask for coverage on CPT code 99497.

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