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Nutrition Program

Private Physicians Medical Association PPMA Concierge Medicine Practice Newport Beach Orange County California

Many chronic diseases are preventable simply by making sound lifestyle choices. Our program is designed to improve your health by providing you with the knowledge needed to make healthy choices every day.

Drs. Van Meter and Weiss know the importance of integrating modern medical technology with traditional, scientifically-proven methods of disease prevention. Using nutrition, exercise and dietary supplements to address your body’s specific needs, you can reach your optimal health.

Our nutrition program is a personalized approach specific to your medical assessments, health history, and goals. Our Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Lauren, will first assess your labs and medical history and then work with you on personalized nutrition direction. She will provide you the education, resources, and support to guide you to improved health and vitality.

You will leave your consultation with clear direction on what to eat, how to exercise, vitamins to take, and how to lead a healthier lifestyle. You will be provided a personalized nutrition prescription and supporting recipes to help guide you on the road to better health.

Ideal for those with abnormal lipids and blood sugar dysregulation.

Designed for those looking to understand how to improve their diet with no underlying health risk factors.

Perfect for those needing to eliminate a specific food or groups of foods due to digestive issues, food allergies or inflammation.

All programs are personalized to the patient’s individual needs during your nutrition consultation.


We work with you to reboot, rebuild and maintain your body’s system. Using medical evidence to show your progress over time, we modify your nutrition plan as needed to ensure you are achieving your goals and laying the groundwork for a lifetime of good health. With the understanding that you need to be proactive in order to make a lasting lifestyle change, our nutrition services are available at any time for PPMA patients.


·         Lauren and you will review health and nutrition history together.

·         We’ll together develop your current health goals and nutritional strategies to achieve them.

·         We’ll better understand what foods you should eat, limit, and make these recommendations how to fit these into your lifestyle.

·         We’ll review and discuss supplementation through vitamins, if necessary.

·         We’ll review movement and lifestyle habits to best complement your nutrition plan.

·         You’ll leave confident and secure with meal ideas, specific goals, and personalized recommendations fit for your health journey.


·         Identifying and resolving gastrointestinal and immune response related issues.

·         Improving cardiovascular health.

·         Increasing micronutrient status to support energy, vitality, hormones.

·         Decreasing risk and improving management of type II diabetes.

·         Sustainable weight loss, weight management or weight gain.

·         Screening and recommending specific nutrients through diet and supplementation.

·         Disease prevention and wellness longevity.

·         Meal planning for you and your family.

Lauren Papanos, MS, RD, CSSD
Cooking @ Home Series (2020)

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