Lifestyle Medical Treatment

Many chronic diseases are preventable simply by making sound lifestyle choices. Our program is designed to improve your health by providing you with the knowledge needed to make healthy choices every day.

Medical and traditional methods: Drs. Van Meter and Weiss know the importance of integrating modern medical technology with traditional, scientifically-proven methods of disease prevention. Using nutrition, exercise and dietary supplements to address your body’s specific needs, you can reach your optimal health.

How you think about nutrition: Our Certified Nutritionist and Lifestyle Educator, Stephanie Lapinski, works directly with Drs. Van Meter and Weiss to create a food plan that will leave you looking and feeling better. Stephanie’s knowledge and experience will help change what you think about nutrition and how you approach each meal.

Maintain your progress: We work with you to reboot, rebuild and maintain your body’s system. Using medical evidence to show your progress over time, we modify your nutrition plan as needed to ensure you are achieving your goals and laying the groundwork for a lifetime of good health. With the understanding that you need to be proactive in order to make a lasting lifestyle change, our nutrition services are available at any time for PPMA patients.

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