Put Your Heart Health First


February marks American Heart Month, the perfect time of year to commit to improving your overall health by focusing on lifestyle changes that will lead to a longer life.

In the United States, the most common type of heart disease is coronary artery disease (CAD), which can lead to heart attack. You can greatly reduce your risk for CAD through lifestyle changes and, in some cases, medication.

As plaque builds up in the arteries of a person with heart disease, the inside of the arteries begins to narrow, which lessens or blocks the flow of blood. Heart disease is responsible for 1 in every 4 deaths in the US each year!

Small changes can make a big difference!

  • Schedule your annual physical exam.

  • Make daily exercise part of your routine. Schedule it in like a meeting!

  • Eat healthy. Ask us about our Lifestyle Education Program with certified Nutritionist Stephanie Lapinski.

At Private Physicians Medical Associates, we we limit the size of our practice to only a few hundred so we can focus on your needs and provide you with unprecedented medical attention. We are well trained and skilled in disease detection and treatment, yet our primary focus is on optimal wellness and disease prevention. Under our care, patients often become so healthy; medications are no longer required for their daily routine.

Call to schedule your appointment or to get more information (949) 566-8179.

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