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Friday, 30 November 2018

What to eat for glowing skin & nails!

Foods for Healthy Skin, Nails and Hair!
Eating the right foods can help you feel good and look good too! This is our list of the top foods to add in your diet to support healthy and glowing skin, hair, and nails!
Leafy Greens
Wild caught fish
Egg yolks
Supplements – Biotin and Zinc

Our nutrition program arms you with the knowledge you need to set yourself on the path to optimum health. Stephanie Lapinski, a Certified Nutritionist and Lifestyle Educator, who works with Drs. Van Meter and Weiss, developed this program using the latest medical evidence. She is available to work with you and track your progress as you become healthier by losing weight & fat, improve your digestion, lower your cholesterol & blood pressure, as well as enjoying improvements in many other health parameters.

Call our office to learn more & schedule your appointment with Stephanie! (949) 566-8179