What happened after a 2-week reboot!


Many chronic diseases are preventable simply by making sound lifestyle choices. Our program is designed to improve your health by providing you with the knowledge needed to make healthy choices every day.

Read Jeff’s story below:

 “I began working with Stephanie in 2014, following a physical examination by Dr. Weiss that showed cholesterol and blood sugar levels that were consistent with my overweight physique.  Stephanie initially put me on a “two-week reboot” diet that replaced grains, sugar and processed foods with high-quality protein, leafy green vegetables and healthy fats and oils.  Following this reboot, I gradually added fruits and healthy grains such as quinoa back into my diet.

    When I visited family back East over Christmas 2014, they commented on both my initial weight loss and how clear my skin looked.  This was a great encouragement, and kept me going back to see Stephanie for bimonthly consultations during which we worked on dietary and exercise strategies for maintaining a lower weight.  Since starting in 2014, I’ve lost 18 pounds, and feel as healthy as I have felt in years, if not decades.

    I believe that Stephanie will help me to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle and continue to suggest useful corrective actions such as — “write down everything you eat for the next two weeks” — for those occasions when I veer off course.  And I expect to continue to see her at PPMA as long as I remain in Orange County.”

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