March is National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month! This year’s theme is “Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right”. You can eat delicious foods that are packed full of nutrition to make you feel and look good on the inside and out. The US faces major public-health problems such as obesity and heart attacks, which can be prevented and put back into control through diet and nutrition. You have more control than you think.

You should be eating specific foods that provide the greatest benefits for your body. A three-phase process of rebooting, rebuilding and maintaining proper nutrition can help to rewire your brain to curb cravings for gluten, wheat, sugars and other carbohydrates. Learn more about this specialized nutrition program HERE.

A diet that mostly consists of plant-based foods (nuts, vegetables, plants) is the best for fighting cancer and preventing other diseases. You should fill your plate with at least two-thirds of whole foods and vegetables, and leave only a third to meat, fish, and dairy. Plant-based foods have more fiber, low in fat, and packed full of essential nutrients. Combined, they work to fight off disease and your body will maintain a healthy weight.

TOP TIPS for making your meals more nutritious:

  • The brighter the better! Choose fruits and vegetables that are colorful to get more phytochemicals.
  • Add some flavor from immune boosting spices such as ginger and garlic.
  • Stay hydrated to flush waste and carry nutrients through the body.
  • Eat fish (low in mercury) at least twice a week.
  • Cook at less than 240 degrees to prevent fats and oils from turning carcinogenic. Healthier ways of preparing food: bake, broil, or steam.

Through personalized medicine, your physician can look at your genetic profile to make decisions for your health plan in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment! Schedule your appointment with us by calling (949) 566-8179

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