Intermitten Fasting

What you Need to Know
Intermittent fasting or scheduled eating is a powerful tool to help you shed excess weight and reduce your risk of chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease.
Health Benefits include:  normalizing your insulin, lowering triglycerides, normalizing your hunger hormone, increase energy, reduce inflammation, and lose weight.
It is important to eat healthy food during your window of eating to reap the benefits.
Eating window 8 hours and Fasting 16 hours = 16/8 rule
Eating window – 11am-7pm
Fasting window – 7pm-11am
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2 thoughts on “Intermitten Fasting”

  1. Brenda Elllis says:

    I’ve been hearing a lot about this and know several people who have been thinking about trying it. Eating between 11am-7pm isn’t a problem, that’s when I normally eat. I generally eat pretty healthy, but I do usually have a glass of red wine every evening. And, I have a huge sweet tooth, which is my main problem! What do you recommend eating when you’re doing intermittent fasting? Are there calorie guidelines? Food types?


    1. Doctors of PPMA says:

      Brenda, please see the email we sent you regarding your questions!

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