How to get protein from vegetables!

how to get protein from vegetables

Protein is not just in animals but vegetables as well.  

We tend to focus on animal derived protein, so vary your proteins and Eat Your Vegetables!

Proteins are a type of molecule found throughout your body…in your skin, bones, muscles, hair, organs, eyes, and even your fingernails. In fact, protein is an incredibly abundant substance in your body — it’s second only to water. It’s one of the most essential nutrients and it’s required for your survival.  

Vegetables High in Protein

Spinach – 10 ounces around 10 grams of protein

Kale – 10 ounces around 10 grams of protein

Nuts (macadamia nuts, pecans, walnuts, pistachios) – 1/2 cup up to 10 grams of protein

Broccoli – 10 ounces around 9.5 grams of protein

Brussel Sprouts – 10 ounces around 9.5 grams of protein

Artichokes – 4.2 grams of protein

Asparagus – 1 cup 2.9 grams of protein

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