How To Curb Snacking

How to curb snacking – reverting your metabolism to use fat as your primary fuel source not sugar!

By Stephanie Lapinski, PPMA Certified Nutritional Consultant

Carbohydrate consumption from starchy, sugary and refined foods has become the primary food source for the majority of people.  This excessive amount of carbohydrates stimulates insulin release and causes the storage of carbohydrates as fat.  When insulin levels are constantly elevated it can cause hunger, cravings, snacking, and addictions to the wrong foods.  On this roller coaster ride your body is always trying to balance your blood sugar by craving foods that will feed this imbalance.  This teaches your body to use sugar as its primary fuel source.  Our bodies were designed to use fat as our primary fuel source.  There is a common analogy that is used to explain this process.  If you have ever built a fire (i.e. your metabolism) you have probably realized the using twigs and branches burn fast and hot.  Using logs creates a longer lasting and consistent heat.  Starchy and sugary carbohydrates would be likened to the twigs and branches and logs would be protein and fat.

Add protein and healthy fats to your daily diet to improve your health.  Some of the benefits are feeling full and satisfied after a meal, fat loss, energy, and improved sleep.

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