Have you hit a diet plateau?

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Have you hit a plateau? Here are some things to consider:


-The scale might not move but your clothes are getting smaller.  Tracking inches is the best way to monitor your weight loss progress.


-Eating too many carbohydrates.  Everyone has different sensitivities to carbohydrates.  Some people can lose weight eating 50-70 grams of healthy carbohydrates a day and some need to lower for a short time to below 50 grams of carbohydrates a day.


-Eat too much protein.  We are told to eat protein to lose weight.  Some people will only focus on protein and miss the importance of vegetables and leafy greens.


-Stress.  Being in a constant state of stress does not allow your body to perform optimally.  You will choose foods for comfort instead of health.


-Eat Real Food.  Choose low protein, healthy fats, vegetables, and leafy greens.  Skip diet food to lose weight i.e. bars, shakes.


-Eating too many nuts.  It is easy to eat more nuts than what is recommended.  If you can stick to 1/4 cup a day and feel satisfied after eating them than nuts are encouraged.


-Cheating too often.  Sneaking in that cupcake and slice a pizza once in awhile is fine but when it starts becoming a habit than we have an obstacle to our goals.


– Exercise.  Not exercising at all or not choosing the ideal exercise for your body type.


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