Why You Should Join a Concierge Medical Practice in 2018

In 2003, Private Physicians Medical Associates became the first concierge practice in Orange County.  At PPMA, you are not only creating a life-long relationship with your physician, you are making an investment into the future of your health.  We hold that responsibility with pride and commitment to you and our practice of medicine.

16 years ago, PPMA found itself as the pioneers of a new style of care. Leading the way for other physicians to follow suite, PPMA has become the cornerstone and inspiration for many comparable practices in the area.  We created a comparison of four other concierge practices based on a sample of services provided as well as annual price and wanted to share our findings with you.

Thank you again for your confidence in us and our practice and we wish you the best of health.




Take Advantage of what is available to you at Private Physicians Medical Associates!

– Direct access to our Lifestyle Counselor for nutrition counseling. Learn more here!

– Our elderly patients:  Do you need in home assistance, transportation coordination, a helping hand.  Sue Adams, our office manager takes great care with our elderly patients and has helped so many over these many years at PPMA.  She is a wonderful support system for the patient, their family and has the resource and knowledge to get you what you need.

– Available to you for insurance only in most cases:

  1. Genetic Laboratory Testing
  2. Annual Influenza vaccination
  3. Memory and Depression screening
  4. BIA – Body Fat Analysis
  5. Annual Physical Exam with your physician including EKG & Spirometry

– Direct Access 24/7/365 to your physician

– Little to no waiting time for your scheduled appointment with extended office visits

– A staff that is friendly and dedicated to your needs in an office that is equipped with soothing amenities

– Live operator during office hours and Perfect Serve after hours service

– Customized preventative care and lifestyle improvement plans with proactive management of your visits check ups and testing

– Become part of our information stream through Facebook, monthly email, quarterly mailer and our website blog

– Board Certified Physicians who limit patient base and build relationships with our patients.  As Internists, we are quarterbacks and advocates for you; a partner in your healthcare where we are able to diagnose and treat you as well as connect with specialist and coordinate your health plan.

– Time saving care: have an consultation via phone or email instead of in office


If you would like more information on joining our premier Concierge Medical Practice, please call our office at (949) 566-8179 or visit our website www.privatemds.com

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