Why You Should Consider Lifestyle Medical Treatment

Did you know that many chronic diseases are preventable simply by making healthy lifestyle choices? You can be healthy at any age! By making a few changes in your daily habits, you can lower your risk for developing illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Our lifestyle medical treatment program is designed to help you build a healthy relationship between you and your body. We make you change the way you think about nutrition and help you maintain your progress so you can achieve optimal health goals.

Drs Van Meter and Weiss combine modern medical technology with traditional and scientifically proven methods. “I think that the best thing right now is for us to emphasize the fact that we want  to individualize care, by us discussing that particular patient’s lab results and their current lifestyle and how it fits for them specifically” says Dr. Richard Van Meter. We also have an in-office Certified Nutritional Consultant, Stephanie Lapinski, who works together with the doctors to create a customized food plan. Learn more about our nutrition program here.

Dr.  James Weiss says, “every thought you think, every breath you take, everything you put in your mouth and how well you sleep makes you who you are by determining which of your genes are turned on or turned off.  To be optimally healthy you must turn on your healthy genes and turn off your unhealthy genes.  This can best be done through how you live your life and is why we, at PPMA, place such a strong emphasis on lifestyle medicine as a means of disease prevention.” After all, your health is your wealth! If you are interested in learning more about our lifestyle medical treatment program, contact us at (949) 566- 8179.

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