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Effective Monday, March 16, we will no longer see patients in-office while self-quarantine recommendations are in order for those 60 and older.
Our doctors and staff will be available for phone calls, emails and TELEmedicine appointments.
(This will be re-evaluated next week and we will keep you updated.)

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Archive for March, 2017

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Recipe: Quick Crock Pot Chili

Quick Crock Pot Chili This delicious and simple recipe is the perfect go to for the weeknight and left over lunches! Ingredients 1 pound ground beef (grass fed/pasture raised) cooked 32 – 40 ounces chopped tomatoes in juice 1 quart home canned 64 ounces tomato juice 2 quarts home canned 1 cup chopped green pepper […]

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Recipe of the Month: Creamy Coconut Milk Quinoa Pudding

Try this delicious recipe for a snack or breakfast! Quinoa is gluten-free, high in protein and one of the few plant foods that contain all nine essential amino acids. It is also high in fiber, magnesium, B-vitamins, iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin E and various beneficial antioxidants.   Ingredients 3/4 cup uncooked quinoa (red, white, […]

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Monday, March 13, 2017

How to Fight Germs in Public Places

From the CostcoConnection Did you know that the average e adult catches 2-3 colds per year, according to the CDC?  And, although the flu virus can linger a few hours on a surface, the cold virus can last for 8-12 hours and the norovirus can hang on for 28 days. 80% of infectious disease transmission comes through […]

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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

What happened after a 2-week reboot!

Many chronic diseases are preventable simply by making sound lifestyle choices. Our program is designed to improve your health by providing you with the knowledge needed to make healthy choices every day. Read Jeff’s story below:  “I began working with Stephanie in 2014, following a physical examination by Dr. Weiss that showed cholesterol and blood […]

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Friday, March 3, 2017

Improve your Cardiovascular Health with Bergamot BPF

Looking to improve your Cardiovascular Health? Try Bergamot BPF! Clinical Applications • Promotes Healthy Cholesterol Levels • Multidimensional Support for Cardiovascular Health • Preserves Arterial Health and Elasticity • Supports Healthy CoQ-10 Levels Bergamot Bioactive Polyphenolic Fractions (BPF) contains a powerful and unique array of cholesterol-balancing and cardio-protective polyphenolic flavonoids. Emerging clinical research has demonstrated that […]

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